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A deadly concoction of several synthetic opioids such as, heroin, designer drug U-47700, fentanyl [which is a hundred times more powerful than morphine, and at least thirty to forty times more powerful than heroine], carfentanil [one of the most powerful commercially used opioids], and other opioids, Gray death is a brand new street drug which is slowly but steadily becoming an epidemic on the streets in the States, especially in Alabama, Georgia, and Ohio.

Even when taken separately each respective drug is quite strong and can result in an overdose, but when taken as a combination of all [Gray death], it can be equal to thousands of overdoses.
It is extremely dangerous because there is no set measurement of the drugs involved. Till date, doctors and specialists are having difficulty in listing down all the ingredients and their measurements of the drug. And because no one exactly knows what went in the drug, there isn’t any proper medication for accidental over dozed patients.

What does it look like?

Named because of its appearance, which is gray in color and seems like concrete. Its consistency varies at times, from hard and chunky in texture to fine and delicate powder-like form. It gets its surname ‘death’ because of the high death rate of its users. Though it is difficult to pinpoint the exact number of the people who overdosed on the drugs and could not make it, however, there have been thirty reported cases of people overdosing to Gray death, and fifty incidents just in 2017.
Many survivors of the drug claim that using drugs of any kind is like playing the game of Russian roulette, you can never know what you will get.

Ergo, one would think that they are taking a common brand of heroine whereas it will turn out to be Gray death. As they can never determine before taking the drug that whether it is in its original form or if it has been laced with something different.

How does it work?

Gray death, in essence, is like any other street drug. It gives the feeling of absolute euphoria to the user. Therefore, it can be used to alleviate pain as well.

Though the drug can be injected, smoked, snorted, and swallowed. However, the mixture of the drug, itself, is quite dangerous, if it is not handled carefully with gloved hands, the powder can seep through the pores of your skin and get mixed with the handler’s blood or it can get airborne [resulting in unintentional overdose and respiratory depression], making it extremely dangerous for the first responders and the law enforcement agency to do their work.

About its popularity

The low cost of the drug is also a part of the charm, as the price varies from $10-20 maximum. It is way cheaper than over the counter painkillers and common heroine found at the corner of every other alley. That may be the case, but most users are heroin addicts who inadvertently stumble upon Gray death.

Even with the risk of death several users, at times, intentionally take Gray death. Most of them are searching for that rush of being revived and coming back by the brink of death or others who are just looking for that ultimate high because of their body has been accustomed to the rest of the drugs.
Gray death has gained quite a large number of the fanbase in the manufacturing community because it can be concocted with any amount of commonly found drugs.
According to Forbes magazine, Gray death is the most deadly drug haunting the streets of America at the moment.

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